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Featured Articles

26 Sep 06
Common Texas Hold’em Mistakes
No one is perfect, let alone gamblers, who make mental mistakes. Good players not only study the technical side of a game, they also learn how to overcome weakness. Technical skills are easy to acquire, but mental mistakes are not easily noticed and avoiding them may take expensive lessons.
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25 Sep 06
Learning a New Language
Understanding the peculiar language of poker – much of which doesn’t even relate to cards or chips -- will help the newcomer gain the confidence needed to overcome the noise, lights and flash of a fast-paced cardroom.
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11 Aug 06
Poker Hand Discussion
We will start posting some sample poker hands and questions for discussion purposes.
Here is the first one! (You are PF player, Seat 5 in this case)
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11 Aug 06
WSOP Recap: Event #39-Final Table
The 2006 World Series of Poker is finally over and the road to the Final Table was paved with Gold.
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10 Aug 06
Two Fine Books On Poker, People, Places
The world of poker is getting larger and doesn’t seem to be close to the end of its growth spurt.
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08 Aug 06
WSOP Recap: Event #39-Day 7
As Day 7 ended, Jamie Gold continued to be chip leader with a count of $25,650,000. We're down to the final table, will the finish to the 2006 World Series of Poker be golden?
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08 Aug 06
WSOP Recap: Event #39-Day 6
As we creep closer to the final day, the cream is beginning to rise to the top.
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08 Aug 06
WSOP Recap: Event #39-Day 5
The remaining players strived to survive on Day 5.
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08 Aug 06
WSOP Recap: Event #39-Day 4
And then there were 481. The field keeps whittling as the main event continues into its fourth day.
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08 Aug 06
WSOP Recap: Event #39-Day 3
Things were rough for Daniel Negreanu in Day 3 of the World Series of Poker main event.
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02 Aug 06
WSOP Recap: Event #39-Day 2
As Day 2B of Event #39 came to an end, Dmitri Nobles found himself as the chip leader but Daniel Negreanu was nipping at his heels and Joseph Hachem was still alive as well.
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01 Aug 06
WSOP Recap: Event #39-Day 1
Even though it actually lasted three days, Day 1 of the World Series of Poker's main event was full of surprises.
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27 Jul 06
Poker Tournaments
Poker tournaments are appealing to many people due to the fact that any player has a shot at winning a huge amount of money from a small investment. Today we take a look at a short list of interesting poker tournaments offered by various online poker rooms.
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07 Jul 06
Short-Handed Poker
For anyone who likes exciting poker and lots of action, short handed poker is a perfect fit. One of the reasons people like to play online poker is that there are plenty of short-handed tables.
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06 Jul 06
Sit and Go Introduction
Sit and Go tournaments, also known as SNG, are an extremely popular choice for the online poker society and for good reason. For beginners, SNG is a good choice since it offers players a chance to train in many areas of the game for a limited amount of money. It is fun, exciting and plays a lot like a final table of a tournament.
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05 Jul 06
Devilfish and Hilger Add to Quality of Hot Poker Book Arrivals
Like an exciting, electric light show, the parade of fascinating, illuminating poker books continues as the most exciting time of the year arrives for players and fans — World Series of Poker action. Among best of the newest arrivals are Des Wilson’s colorful, smoothly-written Swimming With the Devilfish: Under the Surface of Professional Poker (330 pages, paperbound, $19.95) and Matthew Hilger’s Texas Hold ‘Em Odds and Probabilities: Limit, No-Limit and Tournament Strategies (249 pages, paperbound, $24.95).
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26 May 06
The Fascination With Celebrity High Rollers
The elusive world of poker has come a long way from its seedy roots of shady, Mafioso-type characters playing No Limit Hold’em in dingy, underground gambling dens. Today, it is very much a part of everyday life, sexed up with a peppering of celebrity and television coverage.
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25 May 06
Poker Today: The Top 3
In the world of professional poker, there are the old schoolers and the current pros.
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24 May 06
Online Poker vs Live Poker
Whether you play a lot of Texas Hold 'em online or at a casino, you're bound to improve. After all practice makes perfect.
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19 May 06
The Art Of The Bluff
You can't just bluff any time you want to. You have to know when and where.
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